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Question and Answers

What is the exact month and year I shall be married?
Astrologers can confirm this by checking your janma kundali, status of the 7th house of marriage, and current dasha that you are undergoing. If your 7th house is not under any negative influence of bad planets, and you have support of well-placed Jupiter and Venus, calculation of earliest marriage date is possible. Exact birth date, time and location would be important for the calculation.
I am in love since a number of years and I want to marry with my love, Kindly suggest?
Astrologers will check if love marriage is successful for you by checking many factors. If the lord of 1st and the 7th house are sitting in each other's houses, or if Venus and Mercury are in the 5th house, it is a good sign of love marriage.
I want to marry my friend but my parents do not want this, what does my horoscope say about marriage with my friend?
Being in love and marrying your love may not give the same positive result. Kundali matching between both partners is needed to check the long-term compatibility. Kundali matching score through guna milan should be 18 or higher. Then, again astrologer will check relation of 1st and 7th house, rashi, charan and panchang for final result The position of mother and father in the chart is indicated by 4th house and 9th house. Depending on positive or negative planet in the house, there will be difference of opinion between you and parents.
I am married and facing compatibility issues. Will it end my marriage or is it for certain time of period?
The compatibility issues arise between two partners if their rashis/nakshatras are not friendly with each other. In this case, the personality and views are different causing such issues. Astrologers can check your janma kundali to see status of 7th house of marriage. If the house is aspected by malefic planets like Saturn and you are undergoing dasha of a negative planet like Ketu, these effects will be increased. Astrolgers can confirm if it is a passing phase or not.
I am going to get divorced, is there a 2nd marriage yoga in my charts? How will be my 2nd marriage life - will it be happy?
There are many signs for second marriage in your charts. If your 7th house of marriage has a planet which is in a dual sign, it can indicate two marriages in life. The position and strength of the planet in the 7th house, your future dashas in life will indicate what your future life will be like. If during your 2nd marriage, you are running the dasha of Venus or Jupiter, and they are strong in your horoscope, you can have a good future.
Will manglik dosha affect my marriage life after marriage? If yes, then what kind of effects will it be?
The effects you feel may be very mild to severe depending on position and strength of Mars in your kundali, and also in Navamsa chart. If Mars is good for your horoscope as a yoga karaka overall, or if the aspect of other strong and auspicious planets are falling on Mars, then you will not feel any issues. If it is negative, then you may face adjustment problems and hot-tempered fights between partners.
I am manglik but the person with whom I want to marry is not, can we marry?
A manglik can marry a non-manglik only after thorough investigation of both horoscopes, and also performing certain remedies suggested to take away the ill-effects. Usually late marriage is advised, so that the dosha is reduced, and some remedies like marriage to pipal tree is done as per Vedic scriptures. This releases you from ill-effects.